Before proceeding, please read below
Our Service Department prioritizes the servicing of the appliances purchased from us to ensure we are providing the best service experience possible.

*If you purchased the appliance requiring service from us, you will be contacted soon with a priority service date.

*If the appliance was not purchased from us.

We suggest you contact the store you purchased from and ask if they have their own service first.

If you prefer to be on our wait list, please understand you will be added to our standby/wait list and may not provided with a service date if we are busy.

Another option is to check with your local plumber or electrician if they can provide service on your appliance.

Our Parts Department carries a large assortment of parts on hand for many brands.

If you know the part(s) you need to repair your appliance, please choose the parts request below.

​Click the appropriate FORM below